About us

`Pogled Telecommunications` is a company whose main activities are focused on the development and implementation of the latest achievements in the field of telecommunications and information systems.About us

We have gained a rich experience in the following activities:

  • Equipment distribution for SATV
  • Developement of ZAS, SMATV and smaller cable distribution systems (CDS), professional SATV systems
  • Realisation of important cable distribution systems throughout Serbia – in Nis, Belgrade, Aleksinac, Prokuplje, Aleksandrovac, Bela Palanka, Lapovo...
  • Satellite internet implementation, analogue video surveillance, A/V systems
  • Developement and implementation of different systems in the field of radiodifusion

Today, our company is technically and technologically qualified for the works in planning and building the most modern access networks and fibre optics transfer systems.

Privacy policy represented by the company can be found HERE.