Wireless networks

Wireless networksWireless networks have been the scope of activities for a long period in our company.

The department for IP communication builds and implements a hybrid wireless networks. They are based on 2.4 and 5GHz systems for the ISP Medianis. This system covers the regions of Nis, Aleksinac and Svrljig.

The network is a flexible base for offering a series of services based on IP technology.

Building and implementation of such a network, with hundreds of subscribers, was an important reference to clients. We have built and implemented wireless networks for the municipality of Vranje (Motorola Canopy). Also, the framework of the ISP EXE-NET, and providers in Kladovo and Negotin. Furthermore, a complete wireless system based on Ad. Canopy Motorole for the needs of the municipality of Paracin and its local administration.

In 2008 we delivered and installed a wireless link at the Government of the Republic of Serbia. The office for the European integrations in Nemanjina Street (Belgrade).

In 2009 we installed the first 100-Mb Motorola`s links (PTP 500) in Serbia for the needs of the public utility company for water supply, `Vodovod` in Nis. Also, we put into probation Motorola Motomesh system in Nis.

In 2010 we designed, implemented and put into operation the first Motorola PMP430 wireless system in Southeast Europe. It was for the needs of the public utility company JKP Naissus Nis.

2011 - Mikrotik solutions have shown their robustness. We set up almost the longest internet links in central Serbia, on the Nis-Paracin (65km) and Nis-Varvarin (68 km) using technology which is based on 802.11a standard.

In 2012 we have implemented a wireless access network in the city of Vranje for the needs of the municipality of Vranje. The network is designed for city administration as well as free access to the Internet for citizens.

An impressive number of separate APs („hospot“ systems) has been installed in educational institutions as well as tourist objects (the University o Nis, the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Nis, the hotels of „Panorama Lux“ and „Niski Cvet“...).

In the process of realization we can offer the equipment of the best producers (Motorola, Cisco...) as well as wireless equipment with good price/performance ratio (Mikrotik, Linksys...).

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