Project bureau

project bureauAreas covered:

  • radio-relayed connections
  • wireless links and networks
  • cds (cable distribution system) networks
  • access and transport network (copper and fiber)
  • LAN networks

The company has a licence for building telecommunication networks and systems of international and local importance issued by the Ministry of Capital Investments (P150E3).

The project bureau employs qualified experts who are licenced in building telecommunication systems and networks. The licence is isssued by the Serbian Engineering Chamber (Licence 353).

For projects we use a licenced TeleCAD GIS package together with modern computer equipment for projecting and printing of bigger format documentation.

Our clients are Telekom Srbija, EPS (Electric Power Economy of Serbia), HE-EPS, CDS operaters, state companies, local administrations and private enterprises.

A part of our reference list is here.

For all additional information contact: or contact.