Regarding the personnel and technical equipment, Pogled Telecommunications is capable of doing works in the access and transfer network. Networks are based on copper and fiber. We have our own civil engineering operation units, and the equipment for copper and fiber optics cable connection. Also, we have the measurement equipment, as well as a licenced TeleCAD GIS package for making project documentation. [...]


Pogled Telecommunications is engaged in building and implementation of computer networks. Structure cabling, usage of passive network equipment based on utp cables of 5e and 6 categories, as well as implementation of fibre optics cables within computer networks guarantee a successful realization of very complex systems.[...]


Wireless networks are the scope of activities in our company for a long period. The department for IP communication has built and implemented a hybrid wireless network based on 2.4 and 5GHz systems for the ISP Medianis. This system covers the regions of Nis, Aleksinac and Svrljig. The network is a flexible base for offering a series of services based on IP technology.[...]


In order to cut costs, increase the level of business efficiency and follow the trend of new technologies Pogled Telecommunications implemented for its needs PBX based on IP technology (VoiceOver IP -VOIP). Details regarding analysis, implementation, viability and costs of this system are downloadable here.[...]


Video surveillance protection is widespread nowadays. If you need a modern video surveillance with high resolution picture and/or sophisticated system, then you can choose IP video surveillance. Details on IP video surveillance are available in our presentation downloadable here.[...]


Pogled Telecommunications is authorized by RATEL for doing technical control in the areas of radio diffusion and telecommunications. We are equipped for doing technical control of TV stations, two-way satellite links (VSAT terminals) and CDS systems. Also, we can do technical control of wireless systems, copper and fiber access and transport networks, computer networks.[...]


Areas covered: radio-relayed connections, wireless links and networks, cds (cable distribution system) networks. Furthermore, access and transport network (copper and fiber), LAN networks. The company has a licence for building telecommunication networks and systems of international and local importance issued by the Ministry of Capital Investments (P150E3). [...]


As a result of long experience in systems of cable and satellite TV, Pogled implemented cable distribution systems in Nis, Belgrade, Aleksinac, Prokuplje, Aleksandrovac, Bela Palanka, and Lapovo. We also built cable distribution systems in Lazarevac, Ćuprija, Aranđelovac, Leskovac, and Dimitrovgrad.[...]